4 Chapter Three.

Arslan is dressing. He closes the zip of his pant and without looking the body lying on the bed he says :

“The next time, I swear you it will be worse. Never disappear like that again.”

He leaves and joins the main room. He calls a man :

“Sam ! Come here !”

“Arslan ?”

“Clean the room ! I want this whore on the street now !”

Sam shakes his head in disgust. After what he has done to this boy last night, he wants him to return in the street.

“He needs to rest.”

“I said CLEAN.THE.ROOM, NOW ! Do you question my order ?”

“No Arslan !”

Sam enters in the bedroom. Lights are low. A silhouette is lying on the bed. The body curled seems sleeping. Sam comes close to the bed.

“Hey ! Wake up ! Arslan wants you to go working now.”

No answer. Sam bents to shake the body. And stops in seeing the state of this one. He is worse that he could think. It seems that none part of the body didn’t escape the knock of Arslan. Sam sits on the bed and try to see if the boy is conscious. He rises the head of Jared. And hears him to whisper :

“No. Please. I can’t. I can’t anymore.”

Unable in his state to escape the hands on him.

“Don’t worry Jared it just me Sam. Could you stand up ?”

This one don’t answer as if it has no other force. And just slake his head negatively.

“OK ! So I will help you. I will bring you elsewhere. If Arslan find you here, he will pass his nerve on you.”

Jared just nods. He helps him to sit first and to dress. Then passing the arm of jared behind his neck.

“We go. Ok ?”

“Ok.” — Jared says in a whisper.

They cross the main room where Arslan is watching the TV with other men. Drinking and laughing as if nothing happens. Nobody seems to pay attention to them. Then in the hall, they take the lift to the garage. Jared supported by Sam lies against the wall of the cabin. Eyes closed. He seems in pain and exhausted. Sam helps him to go to the car and leaves the building. Sam drives through the streets of the town during more than half an hour. Beside him, Jared looks outside. He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t move. He seems not concerned at all. Elsewhere.

Sam parks the car in front of a motel. He lets Jared in the car and goes to the reception. Pays for a room and goes to the car. He takes Jared in his arms. The young man seems to have lost conscious. And brings him in the motel room. After he drops off Jared in the bedroom, he takes his phone.

“It’s me. I have him.”


“We are in a motel. I have just sent you the address on your phone.”


He spreads discreetly the curtains to verify another time that there is nothing suspect outside.

“Don’t worry. I have taken all the useful precaution. Nobody has follow us.”


“Yes. And bring a doctor. Arslan raped him this night and beat him roughly.”


“Ok. Bye !”

Sam from time to time surveys outside, then throws a look on the unconscious body, and comes back to sit on a chair. The decoration of the room is old-fashioned and the cleaning is not perfect. The room has a bedroom, a living room and a kitchenette. Not the great luxury. But at least he knows this hideout is safe. Nobody from the organisation could come here. He hears a noise, a knock at the door. He takes his weapon, he has put on the table after the call. Then he half-opens the door. It’s Henri. He makes him a sign to come in.

“Where is Colin ?”

“He will be there soon. He is on his way to take back a doctor.”

“Fine ! I have to go I can’t stay or Arslan could become suspicious. As soon as I can I will come back to see him.”

“Ok. How is he ?”

“Bad ! I go. Later !”


Back to the building of Adrian.

Sam enters in the main room.

“You take time.”

Sam doesn’t answer to Arslan.

“What ? Tells your mind.”

Sam knows how Arlsan is. A real snake, he has to be prudent in what he says. He choses to not talk about the rape.

“I wonder, he brought money. Why did you beat him ?”

“Sam you’re too naive sometimes. He belongs to me. He didn’t have to disappear like that during three days. I wanted him to remember who is the boss here.”

Sam didn’t answer.

“Where is he ?”

“In a hotel waiting a costumer.” — lies Sam.

“Fine ! I fired Osman, as it seems he was unable to do his job correctly. From now, Jared and the other whores will be under your responsibility. You will survey them and collect the money. I trust you. Don’t deceive me.”

Sam has no illusion about what could happen in that case. Since he is by the side of Arslan, he knows well what to be fired means. In the language of Arslan to be fired is to be killed with a bullet in the head. Arslan doesn’t embarrass with this kind of details. A man in less is not a problem for him. But in a way this new fonction in the organisation is a chance for Sam. So he plays the game.

“I will not deceive you, boss.”

“Fine ! Come my friend ! We will drink about your promotion.”

When Colin arrives at the motel with the doctor, Henri is waiting.

“What did Sam say to you  ?”

“He said that Arslan beat him… and raped him.”

Colin clenches his jaw but says nothing. They go directly in the bedroom where Jared is sleeping from the exhaustion. Colin lights the room. The face of Jared bears a cut on his jaw where he has been slapped by Arslan and another cut on his lips. One of his eyes is swelled and closed by a bruise.

“My God ! This bastard will pay for what he has done.”

“Colin you have to keep your calm. Could you help me to undress him.” — says the doctor.

As and when they discover his body, Colin feels the anger grow up. He couldn’t believe what he sees. The Jared’s body is covered in bruises. And his thighs bear trace of blood. Colin has only one desire to kill Arslan now. During the stripping, Jared moans in pain more than once. Even if they try to be soft.

“I will prepare a bath.”

Colin didn’t answer. He covers Jared with blanket. Henri near the door lies against the wall, arms crossed. Colin sits near on the bed looking Jared. He can’t help himself to think about Peter. The day of his death. Arslan and Adrian are only destruction. Unable to see the beauty. He will not let Jared be touched by them again. He will protect him against his will if it is necessary but he will protect him.

“Colin ? Could you help me ?”

Pulling from his thoughts by the doctor, he gets up.

“Someone has to go with him in the bath.”

“I will do it.”

He undresses and when he is in underwear, he takes as delicately as he could the body of Jared in his arms. And goes to the bathroom. With the help of the doctor, he enters with Jared in the bath. He sits and takes between his legs Jared who tries to debate in whispering some pleas. But soon, exhausted, he lies unconscious against his chest. Jared seems so fragile against Colin like a broken doll. And it breaks his heart. Slowly, they clean him. Once they do it, the doctor dries Jared and takes him in the bedroom.

In seeing what Jared has suffered, Henri is full of remorse for letting him go. Colin has said him how Arlsan could be but he never thought… In the bathroom he listens the water of the shower stops and soon Colin appears in peignoir. The doctor starts his examination. Then looking the two worried man :

“You can wait in the other room. I will take care of him.”

Colin and Henri let Jared with the doctor, and join the living room. Colin sits on the sofa his head in his hands and Henri looks the town outside through the window. During a long time no words are exchanged between the two men. Each one lost his their thoughts.

“I am sorry.”

Colin didn’t answer. Henri sighs. Henri seeing a grocery on the other side, leaves. Some time later he comes back with beers and some food. He put a beer in front of Colin on the coffee table. And start to drink his one.

“I had never imagined…”

“Neither am I… They will pay, I swear you. They will pay for all they did to Jared… and Peter.”

Colin drinks a sip of beer. After a pond time to wait, the doctor comes to see them.

“I have take care of his wounds. I gave him a sedative, he will rest for a moment now. Happily, the bleeding has stopped by itself. And after a visual exam, it seems it comes from some benign lesions. But without endoscopy or ultrasound sonogram, I can’t say if there is other internal lesions. If he will develop some fever. You have to send him to the hospital for more complementary exams as soon as. Of course, no sexual activity for this young man until the lesions be healed. But seeing his state, I don’t think it is what he wants. His physical wounds will heal quickly. But the wounds of the soul…”

The doctor shakes his head in sadness.

“You know, I am an old doctor Colin. I have seen a lot of things in my professional life but it is always appalling to see this kind of barbary. Most of the time prostitutes are raped countless time. When it is not by some costumer, it is by their procurer. I entrust you to take care of him. You are a good man.”

Colin shakes the hand of the doctor :

“Thanks doctor and don’t worry for him. He is safe now.”

After the leaving of the doctor.

“What will you do for Jared ? He can’t continue to work for Adrian like that. They will finish by kill him, in a way or another.”

Colin looks Henri.

“I know. If we take him away from Arslan like that. We’ll bring problem to Sam. And I don’t want to compromise all these months of infiltration, we need the information he collect. I see only one solution.”

“What kind ?”

“We will buy the debt of his father. You will negotiate this one.”

“Come on Colin ! They will never accept.”

“I know. It is the reason why we have to find the father of Jared.”

“What for ?”

“Think about it. If you come and pay the debt and give them the father like a bonus they will accept for sure.”

“Colin, what you propose it is… not you. In doing this, you fall at the same level than these men.”

Colin gets up and starts to pace with anger through the room.

“This man let his son to cope with Adrian and his gang. Had he have only one thought for his son when he did that ? You saw like me what he did to him. He merits this punishment.”

“Your anger blinds you Colin. It is not a punishment, it is a sentence to death. What do you think Jared will think when he will know what you have done ?”

“He doesn’t have to know. This fucking bastard doesn’t even merit the name of father.”

“You play with fire. I don’t agree with that.”

“I don’t pay you to think, but to execute my order. Localise his father by any means. Use all the contacts in police and government agencies we have. I want to know where he is quickly. When you will find where he lives, put him under surveillance until the moment will come.”

“You’re insane, you know. But fine ! I will do what you want. But don’t come and cry on my shoulder when the situation will return against you.”

“It’s my problem not yours. And other thing ! Contact Sam, I need to see him as soon as he can.”

Henri nods and says before to leave.

“And by the way I thought I was not only your employee but also your friend.”

Colin knows very well how cruel is his plan, but what other choice have he ? If he takes away Jared from Arslan and Adrian without any care, these latter will do all to find him and make him pay. And he can’t take the risk to put in danger his operation. In all strategy, like in check game you have sometimes to sacrifice some pawns if you want to make fall the enemy.


New Dawn New Hope Copyright © by Violet Suki. All Rights Reserved.


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